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Alexis Mabry

Available works


Alexis E. Mabry grew up in Dallas, Texas. She received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Texas State University, San Marcos, TX in 2019. She examines social connections and identity through observation, anecdote, and personal introspection. Finding the idea of a person more compelling when it lives in this popular imagination, with a tenuous connection to lived reality. Her work pulls from both personal experiences here and those imagined identities. The work draws from the languages of painting, soft sculpture, and craft. She uses traditional art mediums as well as found and thrift materials. This mix allows for a “do it yourself” approach to forming identity, one which accommodates both creation and pastiche. She collects stories, views, and things that she encounters in her community and landscape that resonate with these shifting identities.


Gallery Shows Shuttered But Not Forgotten - Orgeon Artswatch


Stitching Lines and Skitching Rides with Alexis Mabry - concept animals


I collect stories, views, and things I encounter in my community and landscapes that resonate with shifting ideas of storytelling. I find objects that come with these territories, as artifacts that hold memory and identity. I am greatly motivated by gender roles, and what they mean to me, by examining my own role as a woman with “masculine interests”. The work draws from both lived experiences and those imagined. Provoking a social conscience through the lens of humor, in a mockumentary style, I aim to parody these tales of life. I express this by approaching with traditional craft, as well as traditional art mediums and soft sculpture. Using textiles allows me to contrast the soft nature of fabric and material with the perceived hardness of the subject matter. Craft allows me to slow down and reflect, thoroughly, on fast observations and narratives.

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