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untitled (portals) | By Molly Koehn

untitled (portals), 2021
Hand Screen Print and Embroidery on Raw Silk
16.5 x 38.25 ″

Molly Koehn

Molly Koehn is an artist and designer who currently lives and works in Houston, TX, where the endless construction and expansion provide constant fuel to her practice. Molly received an MFA with an emphasis in fibers from Arizona State University (2017), and her current bodies of work carry on the delicate, expressive qualities of her background and BFA in drawing from Fort Hays State University (2013). Melding a practice of drawing, weaving, and sculptural installation, Molly’s work examines idealizations of nature. She responds to city landscaping and structure through material and construction, exploring why we choose to seemingly improve the aesthetic appearance of our surroundings by often eradicating the “natural” in preference of the artificial.

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