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House Panther | By Steef Crombach

House Panther, 2019 
Muslin, Beeswax, Dye, Great Stuff 
58 x 50 ′′ 

Steef Crombach

Steef Crombach was born in Maastricht in the South of the Netherlands. Crombach earned her B.F.A from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2014. Her work 'Piet' was nominated by the Dutch King Willem-Alexander for the Royal Painters Price, she curated and designed the massive floating exhibition 'Dirty Daisies' during Art The Hague and she was the recipient of the renowned 'Contribution young talent' grant from the Mondriaan Fund in the Netherlands. With the help of these funds, she was able to research and invest in the Austin art scene which led her to organize and curate the nine-artist exhibition 'Expedition Batikback' at Co-Lab Projects. Since that time she has been visiting the United States for extended periods of time to curate, teach, exhibit, and research. In March 2018 Crombach officially relocated to Austin, she was the first recipient of Big Medium's Line Residency and continues to show her collection of ‘manifestations with cultural and local significance’ on International platforms, often in the form of patterns.

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